Welcome To Our New Blog Site!

Dear Friend and Fellow Watkins Associate:

YOU are the primary focus of our new blog site. It is our privilege to assist and support you on your journey to success in your Watkins Business. We encourage you to promote yourself to a more satisfying and productive life through the development of your work-at-home enterprise. The purpose of our blog site is to serve as a reference, guide and tool box to support you.

• We want to share with you information, insights and inspiration that may help you move to the next level in your business.

• We hope to enlarge your knowledge of Watkins, the Summit Group and the Network Distribution Industry so you may use these understandings to forward your business.

• Most importantly we want to help you sense a greater potential for your Watkins Business, and encourage you to dedicate yourself to the growth and expansion of your home based enterprise.

• We intend to give you more tools to help you inform, educate and sponsor more prospects and to promote the expansion of your business.

• We also hope to demonstrate our commitment to supporting and encouraging you in your life and career with Watkins.

Please feel free to share and use our articles in anyway that you deem appropriate. We encourage you to quote from our articles when you are drafting your own information and would like to include some of our thoughts.

We encourage your feedback and trust that we will hear from you often. Your insights, questions and comments may serve as the basis for additional articles.

We respectfully request that you take a tour of the blog site to become familiar with its features and content. Please feel free to make COMMENTS about any articles that you read.

Much Success!
Dave and Fran Daisey

The next person you speak to (who enrolls in Watkins) could change your life financially forever!

The next person you speak to (who enrolls in Watkins) may have his or her life changed financially forever!

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5 Responses to Welcome To Our New Blog Site!

  1. Jerry Fochtmann says:

    Hi Dave and Fran,

    Your blog site looks great. There is so much information. I especially like your article about the Mountain Called Opportunity! Keep on sharing your wonderful insights.


  2. Kathy Byrnes says:

    Hi what a nice site, 🙂 Thank you for everything these 2 month have been fun. Here to many,many more fun times ahead for all of us.

  3. Janice Salomon says:

    Love it! This will be a great source of information and a great resource for all of us no matter what part of the Watkins journey we’re on. I know what a big undertaking this is, but also how satisfying it is when it all comes together. Thanks!

  4. Jim Horn says:

    Hi Dave and Fran
    Great job on the blog keep up the good work.

  5. Sherri Breen says:

    Thanks for this fantastic resource Dave and Fran. I look forward to your emails, and now we have this too! You work hard for us. It doesn’t go without notice, thank you.

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