Work-at-Home Business Seekers Await Your Call!

Fran made an interesting observation at breakfast the other morning. She said, “You know – it is all coming together.” I said, “What do you mean it is all coming together?” Following are Fran’s observations.

At this very moment in history, millions of people are seeking to launch a work-at-home, independent business venture. They await your call!

Countless people need a part-time business system to provide supplemental income during these troublesome economic times. They await your call!

This universal demand for a home-based opportunity represents a-once-in-a-lifetime possibility for a special person like you. Countless business seekers are just waiting for you to introduce them to Watkins and guide them to success! They await your call!

Watkins, supported by the Summit Group, is the perfect business system for many of the seekers who are searching for an independent business. They await your call!

Recognize what you are experiencing at this special time in your life as a Watkins Associate. There is an unbelievable “coming together” of four powerful forces or trends:
1. An intense and growing demand for independent business opportunities!
2. Watkins – The Best Independent System in North America!
3. The Summit Group’s awesome leadership, training, support systems and websites!
4. You and your commitment to the development of a substantial Watkins Business.

These four powerful forces…
Growing Demand for Home Businesses + Watkins the Best in North America + The Remarkable Summit Group + YOU = Unbelievable Opportunity!

“The business seekers await your call! Take advantage of this awesome opportunity. Make a significant difference in the lives of countless others!”

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