Work at Home but Build a Community of High Achievers

Building Your Watkins Community of High Achievers!

To build a truly successful Watkins business you will be wise to learn and apply the dynamics of team building and community building. If you are committed to growing and sustaining a community built around your Watkins Business, you will potentially create a vast network of successful Watkins Consultants. This network has the capacity to create significant wealth. As we say – your fortune is in your network – your Watkins Community.

But it is not all about the money. You build a Watkins Community so that you may serve the members and help them to achieve success and significance. You do not build a community to serve you! You build a community to serve others. However, in the network distribution business model when you help others to success they also carry you to great achievement and abundance. Anyone who participates in such a dynamic and service driven community may benefit greatly! It is a win-win for all!

Community Building demands a leader who is passionately committed to Watkins, our products, the business opportunity and all members of his/her Watkins Team. Leaders who demonstrate a passionate commitment to their team members will build trust and earn an undying loyalty. When an effective leader shows strong commitment he or she will encourage strong commitment from his or her team. The process of building commitment is the foundation for building your community.

There is something almost mystical about the concept of community!
Some sociologists claim that people are not the community. They contend that Community is the mystical bond that holds people together. Community is the glue that cements relationships. Community is a spiritual connection between souls!

Insights about Community…

At a more pedestrian level, a community is a group of like–minded folks who join together to support each other for the mutual benefit of all. Members of a community may have the same beliefs, values or interests or belong to a common tradition. They may live in the same village or have ties to the same part of the world. With the emergence of the Internet a single community may include members from around the globe. Technology and the mystical bonds of community overcome time and space.

People form communities for mutual support and fellowship.

These friendly associations may be founded on cultural, religious, workplace, political, business, recreational or social activities. People living in community energize, support, empower and grow each other to a fuller life. Most communities emerge from a single leader or a small group of people who are passionate about their community’s cause – its reason for being.

A community creates a connectedness between members who have like interests and common experiences. Membership in carefully selected communities can make life easier, more joyful and productive. Insights and information are exchanged. New ideas are shared. Friendships are born and bonded. Encouragement is shared! Goals are achieved. Dreams are realized!

 Building a Watkins Community is not just about sponsoring large numbers of Consultants on our team. We often track success by stating the number of people on our Watkins team and that is an appropriate quantitative measure. Numbers help us to track progress. Numbers are important.

 However, building community is more about qualitative measurements. It is about values quality of life. It is about nurturing co-operation, collaboration and mutual support. It is about the spirit of excellence and the creation of bonded and enduring relationships. Building a true Watkins Community is about satisfying basic human needs. It is about servant leadership!

Community fills the basic human need for social acceptance and recognition. We experience inclusion and connection with others. Most people at various points in their lives belong to some form of community. It may be an extended family community, a church community, the military, a social or fraternal organization, a small town community, a workplace or professional community. We often find ourselves as members of several communities at the same time. Each community offers something special to our unique needs. Each of these communities has the potential to help us grow to fuller stature as productive human beings.

Community serves to give us quality relationships, helps us to communicate with a broader array of like-minded people and offers a sense of unity. We express shared values and interact with each other with dignity and a caring spirit. Communities tend to be safe havens in a chaotic and difficult world.

In a vital and dynamic Watkins community we can find honesty, integrity and mutual support. An effective community can give us a refreshing boost to our self-esteem and confidence. Encouragement and motivation between members can be very growth facilitating. The community may have a serious and positive impact on our personal performance and ultimate success.

Communities Yield far greater Potential for Progress than People Working Solo.

No great idea has ever been brought to fruition without the collaboration of a team or teams of people working in community. In the process of building community, we recognize that the effort of the group yields far greater potential than the effort of individuals working solo. Therefore, teams of people working collaboratively may add significant power to human enterprise. It is the often stated human equation: 1 person + 1 person = 3 persons!


Building a Watkins Community is all about nurturing and growing people. J.C. Penny said, “You do not grow a business. You grow people and they in turn grow your business.”

Understanding the Basics of a Watkins Business

The Watkins Company is a trusted and respected enterprise, our products are truly life-enhancing and our Home Business opportunity is remarkable. Dedicated Watkins Consultants who desire to grow a substantial business typically emphasize the following activities and approaches:

 Consume and sell our Watkins life-enhancing products.
 Share the business opportunity with others.
 Grow a team (a network) of Consultants to consume, sell and share.

But there is much more…

There Is Great power in Building a Watkins Business Community!

If you desire to create a long-lasting, sustainable, profitable and ever dynamic Watkins enterprise you will be wise to create and nurture a strong Watkins Community. Sponsoring Consultants and encouraging them to consume and sell lots of products and sponsor others are certainly foundational to our business.

But if we fail to build a genuine sense of community among our team members we are failing to optimize our Watkins potential. We are failing to energize one of the most powerful aspects of our Watkins Business opportunity.

We all have a basic human need to participate in something larger than ourselves. We have a desire to reach out and develop relationships with people we can trust. We all have a need to bond with others who will somehow make our lives more meaningful, productive and joyful.

Elevate your Watkins Business to new heights!

There is awesome power in the dynamics of community. In building community you will elevate your Watkins Business to a whole new level and potential. Inviting folks to participate in your growing Watkins community brings increased value to your Watkins experience. Communities are about enhancing lives and creating value!

Enrolling in Watkins does not automatically make you a member of a team. A team relationship is only built by enlightened leaders who create a bonded community of Watkins Consultants who work together for the mutual good.

Advantages of Participation in a Vibrant Watkins Community!

A Watkins Community can bring us into harmony with the great history, traditions and reputation of Watkins. We can find ourselves as extensions of the awesome Watkins Heritage.

Watkins brings great enrichment to our lives. Beyond the value of the products and the exemplary business system, Watkins helps us to revisit family traditions and celebrate a time when life was less complex. WATKINS brings us joy and a sense of well-being.

Very importantly, Watkins provides all Consultants with a sense that they are a part of a remarkable team. They find themselves surrounded by highly successful people who care about them and cheer them on. They are guided, nurtured and provided with the intellectual, emotional and technical support they need for success.

When you share a great idea like Watkins –two things happen. Both you and your audience are transformed. The person hearing your story may open his or her mind to a vast new possibility and be changed forever. Each time you share Watkins you are maturing, growing, gaining in confidence and changing as a person. When you share the great idea of Watkins – you are creatively transforming yourself and all those you touch.

Community encourages your Consultants to stay for the long-haul!

A very significant result of building community is that those who work in collaboration with others will tend to stay with the business for a much longer period of time. They will stay long enough to become successful and committed to the long-term. Those who work solo may become discouraged very quickly and quit the business before they really give it a fair chance.

Becoming part of a vital community creates “staying power” as members do not usually opt out of a community relationship that is proving to be beneficial, growth facilitating, profitable and enjoyable.

Specific Personal Benefits Derived from Community Membership!

A Watkins Community offers the chance to reinvent yourself – to create a different you for a different tomorrow. Understand that the skills, attitudes and knowledge that got you to this point in your life and business may not be all you need to grow to the next level. Constantly reinventing yourself prepares you for awesome success in life and business. Working in community will help you to identify and enhance those attitudes, skills and knowledge that you must learn and apply in order to grow and excel in life and Watkins.

You may be experiencing attitudes and beliefs that are holding you back. They are obstacles to your progress. Fears, doubts and worries. Your Watkins community
can help you to work through those issues and concerns.

Participation in a Watkins Community helps us to stay on target and accomplish those activities that are productive and worthwhile. This focus will help us to achieve success in a shorter time. We can learn the basics of the business in less time and experience a shorter learning curve. A fast start with early success is real motivation for Consultants.

The companionship of other community members helps to strengthen our resolve in pursuing our goals and achieving our WHY (the WHY we are in the business)! The relationships enjoyed will assist us in becoming more motivated, self-directing and self-navigating.

Learning how others are successfully building their business may give you important insights about how to prioritize and spend your time on activities that really matter. The valuable input from successful members of your community is like having your own personal coaching team.


A community of Independent Watkins Consultants can morph into an Interdependent Team of high-performance achievers. This community can provide a spirit of collaboration, mutual motivation and a greatly expanded sense of the potential of your Watkins business enterprise. A community can help us move from small, local thinking to a larger global view. It can challenge our limited view of our business and offer whole new perspectives. The power of community can catapult us into the world of inconceivable possibilities and leverage us to great achievements.

Community is a Celebration of Communicating and Connecting. It is a Communion or joining of our Spirits! Community is a remarkable power! People converge as strangers and emerge as a community. That transformation is mystical.


Dave and Fran Daisey
Independent Watkins Gold Managers
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