Your Blueprint for Financial Security and Abundance


Six Ideas that Can Lead You to Financial Independence!

Financial Planners suggest a second source of income as a way to achieve financial freedom.  You can develop this second source of income as your own boss, working PART-TIME from the convenience of your own home with a Watkins/Summit Group Business. Work your current job to make a living.  Build a Watkins/Summit Group Business to create financial independence.  You can begin today!

Profits and only profits will make you rich.  Earning wages working for someone will make you a living.  But you will never get rich on wages alone.  Like most people you will continue to live from pay check to pay check.  You will never earn profits working for somebody else.  You earn profits only when you own the business.  Understand this Truth – it has the power to totally change your approach to work and life.

Leverage yourself to great wealth.   Distributing products through a Watkins/Summit Group Business can create a “money-machine” that can leverage you to great wealth.   Leveraging is the simple concept of multiplying yourself and is the foundational concept of network marketing.  Leveraging creates millionaires.

Develop your Watkins Business part-time and achieve abundance.  Investing just a few hours per week can help alleviate nagging anxiety and stress about the scarcity of money in your life.  Save to purchase your dream home. Develop a savings and investment plan that can put you on track to significant wealth.  Live debt-free!

Give yourself a raise whenever you want.  In the Network Distribution Industry you can give yourself a raise anytime you wish.  All you have to do is expand your network and you will produce higher volumes that result in increased earnings for you.  No boss sets your wages.  What you earn is purely up to you and the team that you have created.  The Watkins network distribution business allows you to give yourself a raise whenever you desire.

Save big dollars at “Tax Time.”  Starting your own business with the Watkins/Summit Group may save you thousands of dollars at tax time.  The IRS (In the USA) has written the tax code to encourage the development of Home Based Businesses.  Check with your Tax Professional for details and save big-time! 

Start Your Personal Financial Freedom Program Today

More and more “Wealth Building Counselors” are recommending network distribution as a viable method for enhancing your financial situation.  The Watkins/Summit Group Business System is a form of network distribution that can leverage you to financial independence.  We say – work your current job to make a living.  Build a Watkins/Summit Group Business to gain financial independence.  We will be happy to show you how.  No business experience is required.

Your Independent Watkins/Summit Group Business can help you to…

q       Work part-time from home and earn money your first week in the business. 

q       Rid yourself of nagging anxiety and stress about the scarcity of money in your life.

q       Build a business that can achieve six-figure annual earnings in three to five years.

q       Earn while your business grows and create RESIDUAL income for the rest of your life. 

q       Realize significant savings on Federal Taxes by owning a home-based business.

q       Receive FREE education and training in network distribution and wealth building.

q       Work toward a full-time career with WATKINS if you desire.

q       Free yourself from demeaning jobs that never pay enough to make you prosperous.

q       Someday throw away your alarm clock – be your own boss – enjoy great time flexibility.

q       Have the time and money to really enjoy life.

q       Pay off your credit cards and live debt-free with an excellent credit rating.

q       Enjoy several wonderful vacations each year (earn FREE vacations sponsored by WATKINS).

q       Spend quality time with family and friends doing things that most folks only dream about.

q       Purchase your dream home.  Homeowners build equity and get rich.  

q       Develop a savings and investment plan that can put you on track to significant wealth.

q       Give some of your abundance back to your favorite charities or religious organizations.

q       Start today to create a new life for you and your family!

Realize Tax Advantages with Your Home Based Business

If you are like most people you probably do your share of grumbling at tax time.  You ask yourself, “Why should I be paying all of this money to the government?”  With the simple act of starting your own Home Based Business with Watkins you may save yourself thousands of dollars at tax time.  In recent years the IRS (In the USA) has written the tax code in ways that are favorable to owners of Home Based Businesses.  The current tax code is really a government incentive to encourage you to develop your own business.  This is all legal and acceptable but you should check with your Tax Professional for details. 

We also recommend that you buy a book by Tax Expert Mr. Sandy Botkin.  The title of the book is Lower Your Taxes Big Time.  Mr. Botkin tells how you can reduce your tax obligation and get larger refunds as the owner of a Home Based Business.  The first chapter is entitled: Why You Would Be Brain Dead Not to Start a Home Based Business (if You Don’t Already Have One).  You will find Botkin’s book to be enjoyable reading and of great benefit to your financial condition.

There are other sources that you can check out regarding the tax advantages of Home Based Business Ownership.  Ask your Tax Professional for guidance and directions on deductibles and record keeping.  We can tell you from personal experience that it is well worth the effort to look into the significant tax advantages of owning your own Home Based Business.

Be Ready for the Possibility of Tough Times! 

When life is going well – that is the time to plan for the possibility that at some future time in your life things may not go so well!  It is prudent to plan for the possibility of tough times!  We suggest that you build an Independent Watkins Business that will serve as a hedge against a period of tough luck.  At Watkins we say, “Build it before you need it.” 

We do not like to think about it but there is always the possibility that we may experience a patch of tough luck.  It may be a sudden job loss, illness or an accident that sets us back.  We may be required to change our work situation to care for an aging parent.  Often these unexpected and unwanted life events lead to a significant reduction in income.  Our life style can be negatively impacted.  Our financial security can be placed in jeopardy.  In light of these possibilities and uncertainties it is always wise to keep a “fall-back” career opportunity at the ready. 

The Watkins Independent Business System is providing opportunity to tens-of-thousands of its Associates.  These forward thinking Associates rely on their Independent Watkins Business to serve as protection to help them through a period of lost or diminished income.  Also, these very wise Associates are building a business that has the potential to leverage them to significant residual income over the long term.  They are protecting themselves against tough times while at the same time they are building financial security for the future.  Now that is sound, logical and prudent life planning!

Insights and Concepts about Money and Wealth

Recognize that every reasonably intelligent person has the ability and skills to be financially secure.  You CAN achieve financial independence.  What most of us are missing is a business system that can be launched easily with a minimal investment – a business that we can operate part-time without jeopardizing our primary job – a business that can leverage us to significant RESIDUAL INCOME.  Residual income is money that keeps coming long after you have done the work – and it keeps coming and coming!  Just think about what a large monthly bonus check could mean to you and your family.

Wealth Building Counselors recommend network distribution as the most viable system for success.  The Watkins/Summit Group Business System is a form of network distribution.  Our business model is taking the place of franchising which is no longer available and affordable to most people.  For example, a McDonalds Franchise now costs well over one million dollars (when and if they are available).  Many Home business franchises, (carpet cleaning, car detailing and printing services) can cost between $10,000 and $35,000.  For a reasonable investment of less than $40.00 (US Dollars) a person can become a Watkins Associate and participate in the best “turn-key” business system in the Network Distribution Industry.  For $40.00 you can be on your way to success!

Great wealth can be generated from marketing products.  Distributing products through a reputable Network Distribution Business can create a “money-machine” and substantial residual income.  Leverage yourself by building an ever-expanding network.  You can build a business that may achieve a six-figure annual income in three to five years and realize RESIDUAL INCOME for the rest of your life.  Earn while your Watkins Business grows.  Leverage yourself to wealth.  There are no limits!

Live like you have a million dollars in the bank!  Treat Your Watkins Business as an ever-growing income source. Suppose you want to have extra earnings of $75,000 annually.  This is above whatever you currently earn.  To get that $75,000 from investments you must have at least $1,000.000.00 (one million dollars) in the bank paying you .075 percent interest annually.  Most people do not have $1,000,000.00 in the bank.  However, with a Watkins Business you can develop a network in three to five years that will pay you RESIDUAL INCOME in the amount of $75,000 (or much more annually) for the rest of your life.  Actually, you may even grow your business to a substantial six-figure residual income.  Remember, there are no limits. Now there is something to think about!  You can live like you have a million dollars in the bank without having a million dollars.

Understand the Concepts of Leveraging and Residual Income!

To live life at full measure, you simply must leverage yourself.  Leveraging is a simple concept.  It means to multiply yourself.  Leveraging is what creates most millionaires and is the basic idea that drives network marketing.  The more you leverage yourself the more you create potential for RESIDUAL INCOME.  Residual Income is money that keeps coming in long after you have done the work.

This is how leveraging works in the Watkins Business Model.  You find a few others who passionately want the same things out of life that you want.  You enroll them in Watkins on your team.  Those few Associates find a few others who passionately want the same things out of life.  They become a part of your team.  Those few find a few others who passionately want to be successful, and – well you get the message!

Leveraging is harnessing and organizing the power of large numbers of people.  To Leverage your time means that you set into motion actions and people who will multiply your value and worth.  Even when you are doing something else, the Watkins Associates you enroll will be using and marketing products that will add to your volume and provide you with income.  That’s leveraging!  The duplication of effort that leveraging provides can generate substantial residual income. 

Watkins/Summit Group – The World’s Perfect Business!

Just think about The World’s Perfect Business.  With a Watkins/Summit Group Business you operate from the convenience of your home on your own schedule and customize your business approaches to your own personality, style and resources.  Your commute is from your breakfast table to your computer workstation. No prior business experience is required for you to be successful.  You can work full-time or part-time.  You are the BOSS! 

You have no production or manufacturing costs.  There are no costly facilities or equipment to lease and maintain. You do not have to concern yourself with quality control issues.  There are no worries about employees, employee benefits and meeting payroll.  You do not have to pay for expensive insurance programs or worry about government regulations, licenses, certifications and tax problems. 

You are supported by the best training system in the Network Marketing Industry (through the Summit Group).  You can easily learn the basics of the business in a few hours and learn more advanced methods as your business progresses.  Very importantly you can earn income as your business grows.  

There Is A Mountain Called Opportunity…

Your Treasure and Financial Freedom are at the Summit!

This is not a fairy tale.  We are not talking about discovering the pot-of-gold at the end of the rainbow or winning the lottery.  This is not a fantasy game.  The Mountain of Opportunity is very real.  It is a real place in real time if only you believe it.  At the Summit of the Mountain of Opportunity is a Treasure Chest with your name on it.  Sound good?  Believe it!

Your Treasure Chest is filled with all the money you need for Financial Independence.  That independence will give you time freedom, significant growth as a human being and a greatly enhanced quality of life for you and your family.  When you open your Treasure Chest your life will be changed forever.  Not only will your life be changed but the lives of countless others may be enhanced as well.  Your Treasure is there for the taking.  That is a fact.  Believe it!  But you must make the choice to seek out and climb the Mountain of OpportunityAct Today!


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